Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey Sarah! Welcome to The Beginning of the Story.

So it's fundamentally a sliding doors concept that we're scripting. The story happens in Wellington - it's both the story of Wellington and a universal idea of connection - (the Wellington-ness is the fact that it's a village; and not the town to choose to sleep around in because everyone knows everyone else and it's nearly impossible to have sex with a stranger because in Wellington, a stranger really is a friend you've yet to meet. And figure out how many different friends-of-friends you have in common.)

So it's definitely Wellington's story, and couldn't be set anywhere else, and has to look and feel like Wellington, but it's a story made universal by the fact that this connectedness is something that is everywhere, in every city, yet nothing you can usually see - all the connections you have with people are often covered, and only sometimes discovered, and often discovered in a place the size of Wellington.

So a cast of about 9 people I think is what we need. And a set up a bit like He's just not that into you, but the stories of each individual should weave together. The characters should come perilously close to each other and not make the connections on occasion, and at other times they should all connect, with a 'are they going to actually meet and is it all going to come together' tension culminating in a thrashy bang ending where worlds collide.

What do you reckon? Also I think there's should be some magical element to it, because Wellington moves around (am positive that Blair and Allen street swap places periodically to keep the citizens on their toes) and the hills and winding roads mean you can only get to places by indirection.

That may be a red herring though and am willing to chuck out that idea.

And yay! looking forward to writing it with you! good fun!

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